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Fund Raising

How Before We Say "Goodnight" Can Help Your Favorite Charity

We are dedicated to raising money for children’s charities and have a simple way to do so, at no cost to the charity. If you work for, or are associated with a charity, we can help you increase donations.

Here’s how it works. Let’s say your favorite charity, a 501(c)(3), likes the message of Before We Say "Goodnight." Your favorite charity publishes an article on their website, in their magazine, newsletter, or mailer about the book, mentioning that the publishers of Before We Say "Goodnight" will contribute fifty percent of the profits from the sale of the book with your favorite charity. The book is purchased from this website and the code number for your favorite charity is entered in the appropriate box on the Buy the Book page. The more books sold, the more the donations to the charity. It’s that simple.

If your favorite charity has a catalog, bookstore or gift shop, the book can be sold directly in any of those places as well.

Hank Frazee is also available for speaking engagements or workshops.

If you have an interest in using Before We Say "Goodnight" to help your favorite charity increase their donations, at no cost to the charity, please contact us at


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