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Telling the story of your life and family… one night at a time.

Hank Frazee is an expert on the subject of how to tell a story, as he has told some 7,000 original bedtime stories about his life and family history to his three children over the last ten years. In Before We Say "Goodnight", he shares the magic of storytelling and encourages us to join him on this life-changing journey with the children we love. The author entertains us with samples of his children’s favorite stories and provides helpful suggestions and ideas for topics, how to tell a story and where to begin.
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We love this book! Every parent (and grandparent) should read it. Before We Say ‘Goodnight’ will revolutionize your tuck-in time with your children.

- Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, Founders of
and Authors of The Parent You Want to Be


Hank I’ve been telling my children these stories for years and we all love it. It gradually occurred to me that I could teach other parents how to do this, and so here it is.


Before We Say Goodnight Book

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